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Season 2: Next Gen Proteins
The curated panel of industry fellows that discuss how to future-proof traditional markets 

In Season 2, recognized world-class Researchers, Scientists, Faculty Members, Senior Executives, Experts, Chefs, Investors and Entrepreneurs from around the globe, engage in strategic exchange of views and share startling intel on viable transformative innovation in Agriculture, Food and Beverage, zooming in the next gen proteins space.


Virtual Coffee: S2:E08


On E8, moderated by Tommaso Di Bartolo, founding partner of Awesm Ventures, panelists Raavee Shanker, Co-Founder and Director of Asia Insect Farm Solutions, and Florence Leong, Founder and Director at Kosmode Health Singapore Pte Ltd, highlighted key aspects of sustainability, nutrition and innovation on next gen proteins as well as opportunities and challenges ahead for emerging players.




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Founder, Director at Kosmode Health Singapore Pte Ltd
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Raavee Shanker linkedin-color

Supplier of cricket powder for food applications. Supplier of BSF larvae and meal for feed and petfood applications
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