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Season 2: Next Gen Proteins

The curated panel of industry fellows that discuss how to future-proof traditional markets

In Season 2, recognized world-class Researchers, Scientists, Faculty Members, Senior Executives, Experts, Chefs, Investors and Entrepreneurs from around the globe, engage in strategic exchange of views and share startling intel on viable transformative innovation in Agriculture, Food and Beverage, zooming in the next gen proteins space.

Virtual Coffee: S2:E05 

On E5, moderated by Tommaso Di Bartolo, Founding Partner at Awesm Ventures, experts and influencers of global reach, Alex Drysdale, TEDx talker, founder of Crik Nutrition and co-founder of hi!, Marina Rubio Benito, Biotechnologist, PhD Student specialized in fish nutrition and physiology, and Martin Zorrilla, CTO of Nutrition Technologies, explore key aspects of the edible insects’ space and sustainability.




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TEDx speaker, founder of Crik Nutrition, Head of Product and Co-Founder of hi!


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Biotechnologist, PhD Student specialized in fish nutrition and physiology


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Martin is the CTO of Nutrition Technologies, a Black Soldier Fly production company based in Southeast Asia. As the 4th employee to join the company he has been with Nutrition Technologies since its inception. Martin is an Entomologist with a passion for sustainable food systems.
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