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Season 2: Next Gen Proteins



Where handpicked startups present sector-specific innovations to a jury of industry fellows

In Season 2, recognized world-class Researchers, Scientists, Faculty Members, Senior Executives, Experts, Chefs, Investors and Entrepreneurs from around the globe, engage in strategic exchange of views and share startling intel on viable transformative innovation in Agriculture, Food and Beverage, zooming in the next gen proteins space.

Topfloor: S2:E08

On E8, moderated by Tommaso Di Bartolo,  founding partner of Awesm Ventures, along with industry fellows, MJ Kinney, Food Product Development Scientist and Plant-Based Protein Expert, Adelmo Monsalve-Gonzalez, Scientist, Researcher, Associate & Partner at CJB and Associates, LLC, hosts two passionate game changers in next gen proteins: Maija Itkonen, CEO and Co-Founder at Golden & Green Foods Ltd., and Dan Riegler, Co-Founder at Karana.


MJ Kinney


MJ Kinney linkedin-color

Food Product Development Scientist | Plant-Based Protein Expert | Food & Beverage Industry


Adelmo Monsalve-Gonzalez, Ph.D linkedin-color

Associate & Partner at CJB and Associates, LLC
Dan Riegler


Dan Riegler linkedin-color

Co-founder at KARANA


Maija Itkonen linkedin-color

CEO & co-founder at Gold&Green Foods Ltd

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