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Season 2: Next Gen Proteins



Where handpicked startups present sector-specific innovations to a jury of industry fellows

In Season 2, recognized world-class Researchers, Scientists, Faculty Members, Senior Executives, Experts, Chefs, Investors and Entrepreneurs from around the globe, engage in strategic exchange of views and share startling intel on viable transformative innovation in Agriculture, Food and Beverage, zooming in the next gen proteins space.

Topfloor: S2:E05

On E5, moderated by Tommaso Di Bartolo, Founding Partner at Awesm Ventures, along with industry fellows, Hon Mun Yip, Senior Advisor to Chairman & Family Office | Plant-based Protein | AgriTech | Food Tech, Adelmo Monsalve-Gonzalez, PhD, Associates & Partner at CJB and Associates, LLC, host two passionate game changers in alt-protein: Martin Zorrilla, CTO of Nutrition Technologies, and Smith Taweelerdniti, co-founder and CEO of Let’s Plant Meat.

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Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this Podcast as well as in its transcript are those of the participant guest speakers and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Corpor8 or its partners and sponsors. In the same way, the participant speakers do not endorse any products, services, brands, practices, professionals or views other than what they specifically and directly expressed by verbalizing at the time the episode was recorded. In addition, transcripts are generated using a combination of speech recognition software and human transcribers, and may contain errors. Please check the corresponding audio file (podcast) before ever quoting in print.


Hon Mun Yip linkedin-color

Senior Advisor to Chairman & Family Office | Plant-based Protein | AgriTech | Food Tech


Adelmo Monsalve-Gonzalez, PhD linkedin-color

Adelmo has 25+ years of experience in product and process development in the food and pet food industry and a proven track record of success in development and introduction of innovative and profitable food products across the US and Latin America markets.

Accomplished in leading cross-functional teams through effective development of new or improved products, quality metrics, ingredient technology, enterprise-level cost-saving programs, and commercialization programs.

Leveraged expertise in protein and starch nutrition and functionality for human and pet food applications as well as a broad range of technologies across grain-based processes, such as bran bleaching, emulsion, and nano-emulsion, cereal extrusion/gun puffing, flaked, milled, sheeted, and shredded cerealtechnologies.

Able to communicate effectively in English and Spanish on both technical and business aspects of product development and commercialization; inventor US patents and co-author of more than 15 publications and patent applications.


Martin Zorrilla linkedin-color

Martin is the CTO of Nutrition Technologies, a Black Soldier Fly production company based in Southeast Asia. As the 4th employee to join the company he has been with Nutrition Technologies since its inception. Martin is an Entomologist with a passion for sustainable food systems.


Smith Taweelerdniti linkedin-color

CEO and C-Founder of Let's Plant Meat Co.
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