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Season 2: Next Gen Proteins


Where handpicked startups present sector-specific innovations to a jury of industry fellows

In Season 2, recognized world-class Researchers, Scientists, Faculty Members, Senior Executives, Experts, Chefs, Investors and Entrepreneurs from around the globe, engage in strategic exchange of views and share startling intel on viable transformative innovation in Agriculture, Food and Beverage, zooming in the next gen proteins space.
Topfloor is where inspiring and passionate game changers, visionary entrepreneurs share startlingly impressive intel on food of the future with a panel of experts.

Topfloor: S2:E10 | Episode title: Algae and insects in the next gen proteins space

Tommaso Di Bartolo, founding partner of Awesm Ventures, along with industry fellow, Ron Shigeta, PhD, Scientist, Advisor and Investor in FoodTech, hosts two passionate entrepreneurs in the next gen proteins space: Jeff Banas, a Biochemist with extensive experience in enzymes, DNA and molecular research, Co-Founder at Sun Coast Naturals, an inventive food ingredient company that produces clean, natural, healthy, and sustainable next gen protein ingredients; and Raavee Shanker, Co-Founder of Asia Insect Farm Solutions and Plento, a groundbreaking initiative in the next gen proteins space that is setting itself apart in the world of snacks by mixing both plant based protein and insect protein packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals.




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MCo-Founder of Sun Coast Naturals
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Co-Founder of Plento and Asia Insect Farm Solutions
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